Rhymes with Gaily

So the 2 Elderpreneurs were watching ‘My Boyfriends’ Dogs‘ on Hallmark and one of us began to wonder where a particular scene was filmed.  As two characters (Bailey Daley and a love interest) walked through a quaint business section, Scott caught the name of a couple of the businesses and searched online.  Turns out it they were at Osprey Village in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Also searched for the author’s blog (Dandi Daley Mackall) and found the post she wrote sharing how Hallmark was going to be making her movie.  That must have been so exciting for her.  Scott may have to get in touch with the author since writing is one of his interests.  Plus he has wanted to help his dad get his novels published.  That’s right, novels.  Pop has six or seven completed and is always working on another one.  And that’s definitely a topic for another post.


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