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To learn what’s being written about on this blog, read through the topic titles and explanations below and plan your reading according to what grabs your interest.  Or you can just start with the most recent post and move back through the blog until you’ve read everything.  And may we suggest signing up, via the form to the right, to receive updates when new posts are added?  Oops…guess we didn’t have to ask because we just made the suggestion.

Topic Title

  • Knots of Love: The focus here is on our married life and we’ll share how we met; things we’ve learned; relationship books read and much more.
  • Going God’s Way: What does Christian life look like?  One, it’s not perfect and we’ll share some of that along with the benefits of having the same faith; honesty in business; and integrity in day to day living.
  • Far Flung Fun: To sum it up, you could say this section is about entertainment & vacations, but that’s oversimplifying things a little.  We’ll dig a little deeper here and share some things that could surprise you about the fun in our lives.
  • Another McGlomerate: We may be retired but we haven’t stopped working and when a post is shared under this topic, you’ll learn about TravElysian (the travel business Ellen manages); Bloomsations and More (Scott’s photography); Adam’s Act (tentative title for Scott’s book); Read My Dad’s Stuff (Scott’s efforts to make his father a published novelist); or Walks Into a Bar (our family’s humor created mostly by Scott but with many an assist by Ellen)
  • Yup, that’s Ours: We’ve filled nine homes with so many fun, memorable things and in articles in this category, you’ll get a chance to meet some of them.  For instance, we recently finished a trip to a town in Southern California (Spoiler Alert…Western White House) and captured images of each of the four homes we lived in during the first few years of our marriage
  • The Project Outlet: You’ll undoubtedly hear of our son’s curse; being forced to live a lie every day just because of his name; but we’ll also include some happier tales of the things we love (and tried to love) in the ‘let the creative juices flow’ area of life.

Coming Soon

  • Eight to Five Plus: Together we chalked up 100 years of employment and that covered a lot of different types of occupations.  We’ll share some of those and the ones that didn’t happen too.
  • Critter Collection and More: What do you tell a young child when their goldfish is doing it’s ‘floating on the top of the water’ routine?  That’s one of the stories you’ll hear about the pets and other living things that we’ve had inside and outside our home over the years.
  • FamiRiends: What would our world be like without family & friends.  Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about that and instead, we’ll share some interesting stories about those folks here.


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