When people say, “I don’t have time,” they often really mean, I won’t take time away from my interests to add something else.  Life without interests is hard to imagine and like many people, we have several.  Here are a few near and dear to us.

More than Married for Life – Longevity in marriage is wonderful but a couple can be emotionally divorced from each other and still live together.  That’s why we think it’s important to be More than just Married for Life and that’s what we attempt to encourage with these resources.

Walks Into a Bar – I came to a conclusion one day that anything could be the subject of a ‘walks in a bar’ genre joke, and I’m out to prove it.

Share the Savior – We’re both Christians and have a deep conviction that people can share their spiritual beliefs respectfully and listen with equal respect to the beliefs of others.  We’re trying to help other Christians learn how to live this way through our website and Facebook page.

We also have several resources online that are designed to communicate our spiritual beliefs to people who don’t share our Christian faith and to open opportunities for dialogue about what we believe.

  • Nothing Forced – We seek to offer people a safe place to consider Christianity on our blog or the corresponding FaceBook page.
  • The Best Christmas Presence Ever – Perhaps my favorite article that I’ve written; another look at the babe in the manger.
  • The Easter Puzzle – I can see how people struggle with believing that Jesus is real and I give some of my reasons here.

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