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Eight is Enough?

How many homes will we live in?  When we celebrated our 46th anniversary last year, the count was eight, if you don’t count the 60 days in a hotel between residence 7 & 8, but who knows what the future holds.  From San Clemente to Hercules, we’ve stayed in California and also near the ocean in most locations.

Starting in Glendora, we rented an apartment as our first home.  When Scott was welcomed into the Marine Corp during the draft days of the Vietnam war, we moved to San Clemente and continued to rent, four different places.

One day we headed to Valencia for a day at Magic Mountain, never realizing we were about to end our stay near President Nixon’s Western White House.  Several wrong turns later, we ended up in Ventura and after a nice lunch decided to look at homes in the area instead of heading to the amusement park.  We not only looked, we bought out first home with the help of a Cal-Vet home loan.

After enjoying our cute little tract home for a few years, we caught the Victorian House bug and when one became available, snatched it up before it could go on the market.  We lived longer in that home than in our six previous residences combined, and only a perceived need for a change of work scenery drove us to the Bay Area and our current home in Hercules.

After 30 years in our relatively small townhome,  Scott started kidding Ellen about moving to Waco, Texas and having Chip and Joanna Gaines get us a Fixer Upper.  A family reunion of sorts, with a cousin however, brought a different potential destination to our attention and suddenly Idaho or Eastern Washington loomed as the next step of our journey.

Will we retire in Hayden, Utah?  Is Cheney, Washington calling our names?  There are a whole lot of possibilities and perhaps the only one we’ve ruled out is a tiny home.  We enjoy watching the TV show but can’t imagine trying to squeeze into something smaller than what we’ve got now.